7 Reasons US Education System Is Regarded As The Best

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Indecisive about which country’s education system to choose from for higher learning? Here are 6 convincing reasons why the US educational system is the best.

So why should you choose to study in the United States?

  • Educational Standards in the US Are high
  • Flexible Academic ‘Quarter Systems
  • Unique Renaissance Major Programs
  • Most Engaging Campuses
  • Exposure to Multi-cultural Community
  • High Holistic Emphasis
  • Globally Recognised Certifications

Besides the quality lecture materials and social environment students can be exposed to, there is actually still a broad range of perks from pursuing higher education in the US that many educational agents are holding back from you.

Educational Standards In the U.S. Are High

The United States has the highest number of top universities compared to any other country, with China and United Kingdom behind on the list. Considering the population difference between the United States and its competitors on the list, United States has the most universities per capita which proves how much emphasis the country reserves for their quality and standards of education.

Here are 9 countries with the most universities listed on US News & World Report’s global ranking:

Country Number of Top Universities Total Universities
Canada 26370

According to World Forum Economic, the US has awarded a total of 67,449 individuals Doctorate Degrees (Ph.D.) since 2018 and currently ranks number 1 for the number of Doctorate Degree holders, with almost 40,000 shy away from the 2nd on the list, Germany.

But what do these numbers indicate? A good point is that for any university you wish to attend in the US, you can expect most of your lecturers to be experts in their field as they most probably are award with a Doctorate Certification. So to indulge in the best Bachelor’s Degree experience in the United States, expect a lot of interesting lectures ahead of you. In most cases, choosing to study in the United States will not short-change the least of your expectations.

Flexible Academic ‘Quarter Systems

You’ve probably haven’t heard of the quarter academic school systems. Most universities in other countries only operate on a semester system which is the one you’re familiar with. However, there are a few perks the quarterly academic system has to offer which might greatly interest you.

Universities in the US implementing the quarter academic system splits the academic year into 4 quarters according to the 4 seasons. Quarter systems typically last for 10-weeks compared to the typical two 15-weeks per semester term system. This allows more flexibility in choosing one’s availability to take classes compared to the semester system universities.

My favorite part about quarter Systems is that students can choose to take a high number of units which allows students to obtain an Associates Degree (AD) or Diploma quicker than most universities in other countries.

Academic System Duration Length Time Needed to Complete Associate Degree (Including Summer)Lecture Customs
Quarter 9-12 weeks
(~6 weeks for Summer)
15 months – 24 monthsStraightforward and application driven
Semester30 weeks 24 monthsSlower and more theoretical driven

Most universities require 2 years to complete their Diploma or AD but I’ve personally known students who obtained them within as short as 5 quarters (15 months) in a quarter system college.

Unique Renaissance Major Programs

Many universities in the US offer Renaissance and Medieval Programs that offer a unique mix of double majors under a single program. Renaissance Scholars are students whose majors and minors are from widely separated fields of study. You can find such notable majors like Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS), Computer Science and Business Administration (CSBA), Computer Science and Economics (CSEC), and even more offered with a mix of programs majoring or concentrating in arts, and literature by Columbia University and many other top American universities.

These unique major programs offered by different respective universities serve as a brilliant alternative to choose over double majoring in two different difficult courses.

Most Engaging Campuses

ucla stadium
Image of Rose Bowl Stadium (UCLA vs Cincinnati)

European vs. American Universities

An engaging and exciting campus filled with activities and events is what defines a university’s uniqueness. If you compare universities in Europe vs. the US, European campuses generally show weaker campus culture compared to the US. Thus, students will typically integrate more with city life rather than campus activities. For example, the University of Hamburg, the top 7th university in Germany which has a large campus but has its academic departments scattered across the city. This discourages students to carry out most activities on-campus, which contributes to less active campus life.

However, campus activities and engagements in the US are often vigorous and active having centered around campus dormitory, residence apartments, sports and event facilities, fraternities, sororities, and more. What this allows for students is to develop a strong identity with their campus community and most of their social life will be centered on campus to easily attract more students or gain traction for outreaching.

US campuses are constantly driven by students of different backgrounds and creativity. When it comes to the diversity in skills and level of creativity students in top US universities can offer, only the sky is the limit, and this is what makes your investment worth every penny. Top college campuses in the US serve as a hub where individuals with the smartest brain and most innovative ideas come to prove their worth and establish their foundations to achieve bigger milestones.

Endowment On Campus Activities

University boards throughout the US endow a huge sum of money in promoting campus clubs and events to stay active, innovative, and sustainable without students having to worry about fundings. A fun and remarkable college experience are mostly created and contributed by students and not campus faculties. Did you know the University of California, Berkeley conducts the largest hackathon event (Calhacks) in the Bay Area every year? Each CalHacks event houses more than 3,000 participants from all around the world and is entirely managed by a small team of only over 2 dozen students!

There are endless choices of engaging activities and conferences campuses throughout the US have to offer, most signups are generally free and your job is to only find time and bring positive energy to participate.

Exposure to Multi-Cultural Community


If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting and collaborating with peers of all cultural backgrounds from all over the world, studying in the US is no exception to realize this dream. The United States is a nation founded and built by immigrants, and it boasts the freedom and notion that is the place for everyone to realize their dreams.

You can easily expect to meet peers from all around the world especially in universities surrounding the West and East Coast of the US. This is where big names like Ivy Leagues and top private institutes like MIT, Stanford, Caltech attract exceptional students from all over the world to offer people top-notch university experiences.

When we are exposed to more different cultures, we intrinsically become more open-minded and creative towards new ideas. We start acknowledging that each unique person has something different to offer, and naturally start collaborating to manifest new ideas into real-world applications. This is undisputedly another valuable aspect of studying in the US that you should not take for granted.

High Holistic Emphasis

The core and systems of the US educational system are complicated and do not solely evaluate and take into account one’s academic performance throughout their admission process. Students with excellent extracurricular activities and community contributions can easily earn a spot on every university’s priority list. If you have exceptional skills in coding, debating, literature, art skills, or even certain sports skill, then chances are universities across the US will be fighting to offer you a spot in their institution.

Evaluation Standards

Unlike other universities that set high bars for college placement exam scores, high school academic transcripts, or English exams upon admission evaluations. The US universities take into consideration an extensive array of qualifications behind every single applicants’ profile. So even if you’re not book smart, but adept in a particular set of social or physical skills, all you need to do is include them in your application documents, letting universities across the US see the high qualities in you and will be interested to offer you admission.

GPA Requirements

I’ve personally known people offered admission at the University of California, Irvine and Davis with applied GPAs as low as 3.1 and 3.3, it was their well venerated extracurricular activities or achievements that secured their spot into the particular universities. On the other hand, I also know and hear a handful of stories of people with GPAs 3.8 and above rejected by top universities because their application documents only tell so little of their interests other than their high examination scores.

If you haven’t already known, other than your GPAs universities really want to know more about you personally through the hobbies, activities, and achievements you have done which is the main factor of distinguishing a unique and bright applicant that they look for. With that said, invest ample time into your personal statement and start early, that way you make sure you include the best of your experiences to compile a solid and outstanding profile to provide convincing reasons for universities to want you. It’s all the skills in good storytelling it takes to secure admission offers, because who doesn’t love a good book or movie?

Globally Recognized Certifications

Everyone knows the United States is home to the most prestigious universities around the world. If you list out all the top 200 universities according to their Graduate Employability Rankings index – over 50% of the lists are American universities! And you should ask who does this data appeal to? Well, your employers will likely find great interest in hiring you if you’ve graduated from reputable universities in the United States.

Even most state universities and private colleges in the US carry good reputations within certain fields of studies through their well-established curricular programs. If you’re interested in Architecture programs by any chance, the University of Cambridge and ETH Zurich has one of the most advanced Architecture programs. But if you think the bars to enter such prestigious universities are too high, many consider state universities like Cal Poly SLO with strong Engineering programs as a solid choice of safety schools. So the next time you hesitate about the chances of entering the top 100 universities in the US to pursue your intended major, there are many state universities throughout the United States that serve as superb alternatives usually at an even lower cost of attending.

Finding A Job

After graduation comes a harsher realm of reality, where more expectations of reality don’t play nicely by the rules. However, with a degree certification from the US alone, you can outshine most entry peers by a mile provided the unique value behind your certification. This is when the value and reputation of a US university certification can leverage and clear the first stage of your job hunting challenge easily.

The experience you gained compared to other entry employees could potentially be superior and more desirable by companies. Be confident in the credentials behind your certifications earned in the US, and companies will favor you for having more exposure to real-life applications and problems.


Among many great things the US has contributed to the world, it is undoubtedly due to the high standards and quality of education it offers. Home to the world’s most innovative companies, intellectuals, and original ideas, studying in the United States is simply the best investment one can make great use of to outreach themselves to more great opportunities.

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