How to Cancel Chegg Subscription, Remove Account or Credit Card Details

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How to Cancel Chegg Subscription, Remove Account or Credit Card Details

Chegg and many other study subscription services are great tools when it comes to homework help, but these services try to do all they can to retain their users by offering really awesome features, plans, add-ons, and sometimes saves your credit card details to make resubscription easy if you ever consider it in the future.

So maybe you’re done using Chegg and want to cancel your subscription, or having trouble figuring out how to remove it but don’t know how, this article has everything you need to help you.

In this article, we will show you step-by-step guides on how to cancel your Chegg subscription, remove your credit card details or delete your Chegg account data.

Step by Step Guide to Cancel Your Chegg Subscription

To cancel any of your Chegg monthly subscription services, click on the round profile icon on the top right corner of your Chegg dashboard and select “My account“.

Chegg my account dashboard

Under your “Orders” tab, you will see details of your current subscriptions, then click “Cancel subscription

Chegg subscription orders

Before cancelling your Chegg subscription, you might want to check out this article on how to pay only $6 for an additional month of Chegg Study subscription plan.

After these simple steps and a few additional prompts, your Chegg subscription should be successfully canceled. However, know that Chegg still saves your credit card information, and you will need to do a few more extra steps in order to remove your credit card details.

Chegg Allows Its Users to Pause Subscription Plans

Chegg wants to retain its users in every way possible, and if you know you’ll be using Chegg again in the near future, Chegg’s subscription pausing feature makes things convenient for you.

When you pause your Chegg subscription plan, your current subscription plan will still be active until the last day of your next billing cycle. After the last day of your current month’s subscription cycle, users will not be charged

Simply by pressing the “Pause subscription“, you can also select how many months you’d like to pause the subscription.

Chegg subscription pause

Pausing your subscription on Chegg will not suspend your billing if you subscribed through iTunes or Google Play. If you purchased your subscription through iTunes or Google Play, you must manage it through those platforms.   

Resuming your Chegg subscription

After the selected pause duration, your subscription will be reactivated and you will be automatically charged the monthly recurring fee for your specific subscription plan.

If you ever need to manually resume your plan immediately, Chegg says you will be “charged a pro-rated amount for the current billing cycle, after which you will be charged your normal monthly rate”.

How to Remove Credit Card Information From Your Chegg Account

If you don’t already know, Chegg will still save your credit card information even after you cancel your subscription. Some people might feel uneasy about their credit information still being linked to their Chegg account, so here’s how to easily remove your credit card information in less than 5 minutes.

To remove your credit card information from your Chegg Account, simply contact Chegg’s team (US based) through their customer chat or call support which we’ve provided below. If you’re not in the US, we recommend contacting them through their WhatsApp customer chat support.

Chegg’s WhatsApp chat support number: 408-351-0942

Chegg’s customer call support number: 855-477-0177

Chegg doesn’t let you remove your credit card details on your own in the account settings, but only lets you do it by directly contacting their support team.

Other than editing your credit card info on your own, you won’t be able to find any options that let you remove your credit card details in your Chegg account settings or dashboard.

What Information They’ll Ask Before Removing Credit Card Information:

  1. Last 4 digits of the credit card number
  2. Email associated with the Chegg account
chegg remove credit cared information

In my case, it took less than 5 minutes to communicate with Chegg’s WhatsApp chat support to remove my credit card details from my Chegg account. Other than providing the 2 details specific above, no other information was further asked or required.

Removing Your Chegg Account and Data

Although it’s mostly fine to just cancel your Chegg account without worrying about your credit card details that are still linked to your account, some people still wish to remove their account and data.

If you want to go as far as remove your Chegg account, you can do that by filling out a form through Chegg’s contact-us page which we will provide down below.

Before removing your account and data, Chegg recommends users to check and cancel any ongoing subscriptions or transactions in the account “Overview” dashboard.

After doing so, fill out this form and select “data deletion request” and Chegg shall process the request for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chegg keep my information after I unsubscribe from its services? Chegg still keeps your information and displays your Expert Q&A questions unless you request to have it removed or if it violates Chegg’s Terms of Use and Honor Code.

Will deleting my Chegg account also delete my questions? Chegg will not remove your questions asked even if you delete your account. If an investigation is opened against your question posted, Chegg can still provide school authorities with the information or the original poster.

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