Guide to Using Chegg Study and Pay $6 for an Extra Month

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Guide to Using Chegg Study, and pay $6 for an extra month

Chegg is a handy study tool when it comes to assisting people with school assignments, but investing long-term for a Chegg subscription can be pricy. As helpful as Chegg can be, I believe many people are still missing out on hidden features offered in Chegg Study’s subscription plan, or spending more than they should.

Besides its rich database with over 21 million homework solutions and professional services to get your homework questions answered, there is so much more you can do with the Chegg Study subscription plan. Lucky for you, I know and tested all the cool things that can make the most bang for your buck on your Chegg Study subscription investment.

Knowing that most people want to spend as little as possible on these monthly subscription tools, in this article I will share with you the tips and tricks you can apply right away with a Chegg Study subscription to help you with homework and assignments in the best and most efficient way.

If you’re already a Chegg Study user, then this other article on how to avoid getting caught on Chegg might appeal to you.

What the Chegg Study Plan Offers

Chegg Study$14.95/month
Chegg Study Plan$19.95/month
Chegg Writing$9.95/month
Chegg Math Solver$9.95/month
Chegg subscription plans after tax

The Chegg Study plan is probably the most popular choice among its available options which comes at $14.95 per month at the time of this writing. The most notable things that comes with your Chegg Study plan includes:

1. Access to 20 Q&A queries where an expert answers your homework question

expert Q&A subjects

Chegg calls it the ‘Expert Q&A’ which lets an expert answer your question from a wide array of subjects in as quickly as 30 minutes! Note that the answers provided by Chegg experts don’t guarantee a 100 percent correct solution, but in most cases they are very reliable unless it’s clearly a more difficult homework question. Using my college-level entry Physics materials that is harder than most classes, I can confidently expect to get more than 7 questions out of 10 answered correctly by an expert based on my past experience.

2. Detailed and expert answers to many textbook questions.

With access to over 34,000 textbooks, you easily search up names of textbooks or ISBNs to get access to almost every answer in the textbook. This includes all sorts of Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, History, and many more textbook, which don’t require you to rely on limited free-trial services like Slader or Quizlet.

3. Access of up to 2 devices for an account

This limitation is mainly about avoiding account sharing between multiple users, while letting users use Chegg easily between your mobile and computer device.

With this limitation, you may ask can you still share another access with your friend? The answer is partial yes, but it will likely be troublesome to manually provide access to your friend each time they access the account through an email confirmation sent to you due to a different IP address or device detected trying to log in.

Is Chegg’s Study Plan enough for your need?

Based on my experience using the Chegg Study plan during my busiests college semester with 2 Math, one programming, and a Physics class, the unlimited access to textbook solutions and 20 access to a Q&A expert solution was enough for my use, especially if you know how to maximize its resources and tools.

Tips Before Creating a New Chegg Account

Signing up for Chegg automatically ties your email with Chegg which they can send you promotional and marketing campaigns, and they will also ask about which academic institution you attend. I suggest creating a separate email solely for Chegg and inputting a different academic institution than your actual one.

create chegg account

I personally prefer to share as little personal information on the internet, and I advise this because Chegg can’t necessarily check whether you’re really attending a specific university or college or not.

Maximizing Your 20 Q&A Expert Solution Resource

Having only 20 access to a Q&A expert solution per subscription month does sound like it’s little at first, but in most cases, I find it more than enough as a Computer Science student who needs to take a lot of STEM classes like Math, Statistics, Programming, and Physics. To ensure you really make full use of each limited ticket, these are the things can you follow or do:

Don’t Waste the Tickets Asking Textbook Questions

Chegg probably already has answers to most textbook questions you will need. You can save up your tickets from posting simple Calculus textbook questions, or any other general popular subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, and so many more.

This is the exclusive, ad-free resource you are essentially paying for in this subscription plan. Instead, you should really be using the 20 Q&A from an expert on questions where their answers are typically not found in textbooks, or on those questions created by your instructors.

Take Screenshots Instead of Typing Out Questions

While it might be less obvious to some, you can always upload a screenshot, picture, or an url image source instead of retyping out the questions to make the questions clearer for the experts to work on.

Formatting input tools

The input form on Chegg’s expert Q&A has various formatting options like inputting mathematical equation, power notation, logarithm notations, and tables to help you posts clear and concise homework questions. And although only one question is allowed per entry, sometimes uploading an additional one to two questions can get answered by an expert too.

Providing Additional Contexts or Details in the Q&A Comment Section

Sometimes, you might miss some important details required to solve the question, or if you know your expert solution’s answer is wrong, then your Q&A tickets won’t be wasted thanks to the comment section.

With the comment sections, everyone including the expert who wishes to answer your question can ask for feedback, give or answer questions. Similarly, if the expert who answered your questions wishes to make a change, they can reupload a new answer.

Find Similar Questions That Are Already Answered Using Chegg’s Search Tool

Chegg Study’s Q&A service also has this feature that is incredibly useful for looking up matches of similar questions in its database that are already asked and answered by other experts. To use this feature, simply ask a question and select ‘Continue’ to select your subject and proceed with ‘Post question’ and you will be presented with similar existing questions that are already asked.

Inputting question
Searching database for similar answer

This handy tool essentially saves you from wasting the precious 20 monthly attempts of the expert Q&A resource. Also, it can easily find multiple similar questions that are created by instructors at your specific college because your seniors probably asked the same question before on Chegg.

However in such cases, there likely be more inconsistency in the expert’s answer depending on the difficulty of the questions, but their solutions can serve as a great reference to guide into getting the right solution.

Getting an Extra Month of Chegg Subscription for Under $6

Now for the real deal you came here for, let’s look at how you can get a cheap month of Chegg Study without any gimmicks. You can’t really get Chegg Study for free, but can easily snag this good deal $6 for with just a few clicks in the ‘My order’ tab by “almost” canceling your subscription.

Cancel chegg subscription
Chegg cancellation reprompt
  1. Hover your mouse at your account icon and select ‘My account’
  2. Go to the ‘Orders’ tab
  3. Select ‘Cancel subscription’
  4. You will be prompted to give a second thought, click “I’d rather cancel”
  5. You will be presented a deal of paying only $6 for the next month if continue subscribing
  6. After accepting this deal, you will only be charged $6 for the next subscription month
  7. You can choose to ‘Cancel subscription’ again on the following month which you’re paying $6

When you opt to cancel your subscription plan on the “My orders” tab, Chegg will present users the deal of charging only $6 if you choose to continue subscribing, to which you will select. The catch is that you don’t have to continue subscribing and still cancel your subscription the next month after you’ve secured this $6 subscription deal.

Note: This offer only applies once to every Chegg account. However, you can create multiple accounts to enjoy this perk.

Things to Avoid When Using Chegg Study

Chegg has the resource to readily assist you with a wide array of homework subjects, in many levels of difficulties, which makes many people misuse or abuse its services. For instance, many people will definitely use Chegg to get quiz or exam questions answered through its expert Q&A service.

Asking quiz or exam questions

Doing this is essentially cheating and involving yourself in academic dishonesty misconduct. Although Chegg’s expert Q&A can answer questions within as quick as 30 minutes, you should be wary that is not morally right to do so. Chegg will not know if the questions you posted are quiz or exam material, but they can easily work with your instructors who file for an investigation on the original poster of the question.

If you’re wondering what happens when you ask quiz or exam questions on Chegg, here’s another article on how to avoid getting caught on Chegg.

Don’t add irrelevant requests in your expert Q&A entries

There are just some people who post very bizarre requests alongside their questions, which are just not within the scope of the expert’s ability or clearly violating the guidelines. Adding a note begging experts to solve multiple questions in a specific way or urgently isn’t going to help you get what you want.

Asking multiple questions in a single expert Q&A query

Chegg Study’s Expert Q&A guideline policies permit only asking one question per entry, but they won’t go as far to take down your questions if you overstep the policies. Instead, you’ll see that most Q&A entries with multiple questions usually still get answered by an expert, while some Q&A experts will just restate Chegg’s guideline policies and only provide an answer to one of the questions.

When it comes to these guidelines, Chegg tends to be very lenient and rarely takes any serious actions. What I usually see is that for simpler and shorter questions like multiple choice questions, some people who post questions in bulks still have them answered by experts anyway. However, don’t expect Q&A experts to provide answers to multiple questions for more difficult materials in a single Q&A entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you post more than 2 questions on Chegg Study’s Expert Q&A? According to its guideline, only 1 is permitted but experts usually answer multiple questions if you include them through a picture or screenshots. We recommend don’t overdoing it by putting in more than 2-3 questions.

Does Chegg offer free trials? Chegg does rarely offer short free trials for their subscription plans from to time, but only to new users.

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